What Causes Teenage Acne

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There is no exact cause for acne. There are several factors that doctors think bring on this problem for many people. One of those important factors is the hormone level in the body.

The hormones are called androgens and increase in both boys and girls when they are going through puberty. This is the reason why there are so many pre teens and teenagers that have to deal with acne get some form of acne medication to treat it.

Another cause of acne is genetics. If a child has a parent that had to deal with a lot of acne problems as a child, then chances are they will too. When a pre teen or teenager sees that they are having a problem with acne, it is important for them to seek acne medication to help fight this problem early so that there are no long term affects of the acne.

One factor that can cause acne in girls is their menstrual period. This is a time when hormones are really active and this can cause a flare up of problems in most pre adolescent girls. There are many acne medications that can treat this problem and get their skin looking perfect again over a time period. It will take time for the skin to clear up and get back to normal.

Pregnancy and birth control pills are another reason why women get acne. When a woman is pregnant this is a time when her hormones are changing and all different things are happening to her body. Birth control pills are another source that will cause women to have an acne problem and have to resort to acne medication.

Certain medications that people have to take can also cause acne to occur in certain people. This is typically normal and can affect just about anyone. Usually once the body accepts the medications the acne will stop or at least lessen. There are acne medications to help when this is the case.

Certain fabrics as well can cause acne to appear also. Wearing tight collars, backpacks, and hats can bring on a case of acne on any part of the body. That is another factor; acne can be on any part of the body. It is not just limited to the face. When acne appears on different parts of the body, you may be able to control it with over the counter medicine or you may have to go to a doctor for your acne medications.

There are many myths of way acne starts, like chocolate or greasy foods. However, there are no actual links to these rumors and it is not proven. However, in some cases a persons diet will affect their skin and that it why it is important to have a healthy well balanced diet so that you do not need acne medications in the future.

During the early teen years, boys and girls are at greater risk for acne breakouts, when the oil glands in the body start over-producing sebum (skin oil that can resemble grease).

Adding to the problem, your body sheds dead skin cells constantly and some people have “sticky” skin cells that dont shed normally they just remain attached to the skin. In people who have acne, these excess skin cells mixes with the oil and plug up the hair follicles.

The Common Myths

Quite a few myths are floating around out there about what causes acne. Lets straighten some out right now.

– Dirt does not cause acne
– A blackhead may look like dirt plugging one of your pores, but that is not the cause.
– The sebum and skin cells mix together and sometimes rise to the opening of the pore. But the real cause is still deep inside the pore.
– Enjoy your chocolate and French fries. Indulging in these favorites does not increase the production of sebum in the skin.
– Some of you may have been told that sexual activity or masturbation can cause acne. Not true.

Who Gets More Acne?

While both boys and girls can get acne its more likely to be worse in boys because their bodies produce more skin oils.

Strangely enough, your immune system can come into play as well making you extra sensitive to the bacteria that get trapped in the hair follicles.

What Makes Acne Worse?

– If you use makeup, suntan products or hair products that contain oil they can add to the pore-plugging problem.
– Being under stress like applying to schools, or struggling with grades, or even dating pressures can help bring out acne.
– During a girls period, hormone levels may create more sebum in the skin, which can worsen the breakouts.
– And, beware of the sun not only can it damage your skin and cause premature aging it can also cause pimples.

While keeping your skin clean is an important part of treatment, remember to be gentle no hard scrubbing, no picking or squeezing. You can survive acne.

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